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(Tailoring Centers, PRABHAT, Sakri)
Date: 07th August 2023

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On 7th August 2023 PRABHAT conducted a graduation ceremony for the tailoring trainees. It was a day of joy and gratitude for PRABHAT as 68 adolescent girls and women from Musahar community in Madhubani district successfully completed 6 months of skill building programme through tailoring centers.On this memorable occasion the trainees were given certificates of completion of the skill building programme. A two hours cultural programmes were part of the graduation ceremony. Three of the trainees shared their experience of feeling empowered and self-reliant by undergoing the tailoring programme. On the graduation day the trainees also felt proud to put up an exhibition of whatever clothes they had stitched during the tailoring course.

Tailoring centerswere functional from February to July 2023.They were from Sarvaseema, Samiya, Lohana, Gopalkha and Wolipur villagesof Jhanjharpur Block, Madhubani district, Bihar. These villages are located near Kamala-Balan River embankments where these villagers are faced with recurring floods, unemployment and distress migration.The 6 months training covered the following items:
  • Petticoat stitching
  • Blouse stitching
  • Salwar stitching
  • Samij stitching
  • Short pants, Pants stitching
  • Shirts stitching
Such innovative skill training would have a lasting impact on economic condition of these families. Tailoring training will have double effects: (1) economic empowerment and (2) social empowerment. They would be able to earn from stitching school uniforms of children and villagers. They can be later on linked them with Pradhan Mantri Skill Development Programme as well as other Government programmes.

Fr. Babu, SJ

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