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Publications from your centers:
• ‘Sandesh’: Started as the sacred heart messenger, a special mission entrusted to the society for the promotion of devotion to the sacred heart, this magazine has now developed into a wholesome magazine dealing with religious and socially relevant issues.

• ‘Krusveer’ (Soldiers of Chirst): A magazine for the school children.

• Moral Science Books for schools

Prabhat Prakashan Publication Centre:

Patna Province was involved in publication ministry as early as 1948, when the province had established a full –fledged printing press called ‘Sanjivan Press.’ As the emergence of modern technologies, Sanjivan Press had to be closed down, but the province’s involvement in print media continued under the umbrella of Prabhat Prakashan. The province’s active involvement in print media of earlier times has to its credit being instrumental in giving birth to a Press Association- ‘Indian Catholic Press Association’.

Ravi Bharati Audio-visual Institute:

The media involvement of Navjyoti Niketan, the then Bihan regional pastoral center, was baptized with a new name- Ravi Bharati, on November 24, 1977. On 28th November 1988 the GB of Navjyoti Niketan decided to request the Patna Jesuit Society to take full responsibility for Ravi Bharati in terms of personnel and finances. In 1991, the Patna Jesuit province accepted this request and took over Ravi Bharati and Fr. (Dr.) Jacob Srampickal, SJ was appointed as the new Jesuit director of the institute.


Fr. Premlal Lucas, SJ
Ravi Bharati
Sadquat Ashram P.O
Patna 800010
Mob: 09934603599
Email: premlallucas@rediffmail.com