Fr. Siji Varghese N., S.J.
Fr. Siji Varghese N., S.J.

Congratulations Dr. Siji Varghese

Fr. Siji Varghese N., for successfully defending his doctoral thesis on ‘Living with Katav: Experiences of the Musahar Community in the Gandak River Basin, Bihar’ on 17th January 2020 at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Fr. Dionysius Rasquinha, S.J.
Fr. Dionysius Rasquinha, S.J.


Fr. Jose Vadassery, S.J, the provincial of Patna Jesuit Society released the book of Fr. Dionysius Rasquinha, S.J. titled “Towards Wholeness from Brokenness, on the 28th January 2014 at Navjyoti Niketan in the presence of an august audience. The book is an attempt to help the Indian Church to generously and effectively transform the Indian scenario, especially the Indian dalit scenario and cooperate wholeheartedly, but critically with the dalit quest. CONGRATULATIONS DION!
Fr. Dionysius Rasquinha, S.J. Book
Fr. Prakash Louis, SJ
Fr. Prakash Louis, S.J.

Congratulations Fr. Prakash Louis!

Fr. (Dr.) Prakash Louis added yet another feather to his cap in the line of authoring books. His new book “RIGHTS OF THE MINORITIES IN INDIA” was released by Mr. Amir Subhani IAS, the principal secretary of home ministry & secretary of minority welfare department, Government of Bihar in the presence of an august audience on 25th November 2013. This book focuses on the rights of the minorities in India. It examines the various efforts made during the last three decades since many commissions and committees were appointed to examine the status of the minorities in India. Congratulations Fr. Prakash!
Fr. Prakash Louis, S.J. Book
Fr. Raymond Cherubim, SJ
Fr. Raymond Cherubim, S.J.

Congratulations Raymond!

Dr. Brahmachari Surendra Kumar released the new book of Fr. Raymond Cherubim, S.J., "SANT DARIYA SAHAB-- SAHITYA KA SAMAGRA ANUSHEELAN” at St. Xavier’s College, Patna on 10th September 2013. The book gives a closer look into the life and literary contribution of Sant Dariya Saheb, a contemporary to Kabir and Tulsi. The book also exhibits glimpses of the hard work and intellectual thinking that has gone behind the research, which resulted into the publishing of this book. Congrats Raymond!
Fr. Raymond Cherubim, S.J. Book
Fr. Joe Velam, SJ
Fr. Joe Velam, S.J.

Congratulations Joe Velam!

Recently, Fr. Joseph Velamkunnel’s two books on Manjhis were released.

Book 1: Musahar Musings- This book contains experiences of achievements of the Musahars, told in the form of stories.

Book 2: March of the Manjhis and the Discovery of their Original Face - This book portrays the grim realities of their dehumanization at various levels of life. The contours of their Original Face got distorted through socio-cultural exploitations. Various agencies are engaged in a process of reconstruction of the Original face. Mathan, a social action centre of the Patna Jesuits, is one such organization. A detailed study of the activities of Manthan for empowerment of the Manjhis/Musahars is given in the book. The book concludes with some exploration into the divine dimension of such human activities.

Fr. Joe Velam, SJ Book
Tom Chillikulam
Fr. Thomas Chillikulam, S.J.

Congratulations Tom!

Tom Chillikulam “Seeking Wholeness in a Globalized World: Interpreting the Doctrine of Purushartha for Today” is the first book of Thomas Chillikulam S.J. The book is a work of research on the doctrine of Purushartha. In Indian philosophy Purushartha or the goal of human life has been interpreted as Dharma (moral values), Artha (wealth), Kama (sexual pleasure) and Moksha (salvation). Moving away from the traditional ethical interpretation of purushartha, the book treats the doctrine from an ontological perspective with a view to derive a more holistic understanding of the fourfold aims of life.
Fr. Rajendran Francis SJ
Fr. Rajendran Francis, S.J.

Congratulations Dr. Rajendran

Fr. Rajendran Francis defended his doctoral Thesis at the Pontifical Salesian University at Rome on 27th Feb, 2013.
His Thesis "Towards a dignity - enhancing Catechesis of Dalit Children : an explorative-empirical study in the context of Patna Mission"

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