The Province Plan of Action (for Education of our people) prepared by the 23 Educators of Patna Province on 27th February 1978 was endorsed by the province during the Province Days (27th Feb – 2nd March 1978) proposed that every one of our secondary schools must undergo a serious process of discernment and self-evaluation. A committee was appointed to facilitate this evaluation. Based on the recommendations of the committee, it paved the ways for the formulation of the Province Education Policy during the Province days in 1979 and it was approved by the Provincial on 7th Novembers 1995. The Provincial appointed a committee to evaluate the implementation of the 1979 Province Education Policy and the report was submitted in May 1996 with minor changes recommended. After the Historical event of G.C.32, the Education Policy were further modified in 1999. The Province Education Policy of 1999 was again evaluated in 2008 by the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, with the new trends in Education and vibrating with the signs of time, the Province Education Policy had another face in 2009. It was promulgated on 3rd December 2009.

Our Vision

With Christ Jesus as our model and rooted in the charism of the Society of Jesus, We Patna Jesuits in our education apostolate aim at the integral growth of our students, forming them to be women and men for others, persons of conscience, competence and compassionate commitment, and agents of building a just and humane society.

Our Mission

Our mission in the education apostolate is to go out into those frontiers of education where children are deprived of education due to various reasons. We pledge to eradicate illiteracy from the face of Bihar in a systematic and sustained manner. Our mission is to form young men and women for others, who will distinguish themselves by their academic excellence, sound character, and sprit of selfless service and leadership qualities. They will commit themselves to the task of ushering in the much needed radical transformation of present day social conditions and thus continue towards building a just and eco-friendly human society where genuine freedom, equality of opportunities and respect for religious, moral and social values found in the Gospels and enshrined in the Constitution of India will prevail. The cardinal principles of our education policy continue to be (a) the fundamental option for the poor in all our educational institutions, (b) faith formation and value education and (C) the integral development of the students.


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