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Personality and Leadership Development and Value Orientation Youth Workshop

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Supported by Missio and Dka/kfb agencies, the Jesuit Peace Mission, Bodhgaya conducts “Personality and Leadership Development and Value Orientation Youth Workshop” on 13th May 2023 at Jeevan Sangham hall Dumuhan, Bodhgaya, Bihar for both rural and urban Youth of Bodhgaya Block to train them in Noble Values and Attitudes that would make them future leaders who would be working for Peace and Progress in Indian Society. Every year we conduct Youth Workshops for about 600 youth belonging to both the sexes. In the Workshops they are trained to develop their Self-image, Self-confidence, Talents, Service-mindedness and Humanness to promote Peace in society. Almost all of them attend these Workshops with great enthusiasm and interest. After attending these Workshops, many of them made resolutions to make a difference in their life by living not only for themselves but for the country too by contributing something or other for the peaceful existence and progress of our great country.

Dr. Fr. Soosai Lawrence S.J.

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