Died at Ruben Memorial Hospital, Patna, India, on 29 April 2021

Born : 22-09-1955
Entered the SJ : 14-07-1979
Ordained : 31-12-1991
Final Vows : 19-10-1999

Formation & Studies:
Secondary Education:Private Candidate, Palai; 1975
Higher Secondary Education: St. Mary’s College, Palai 1977
Graduation:Correspondence Course, Patna University;1984
LLB: SMS Law College, Bettiah; 1991
Post-Graduate studies: LLM National Law School of India
University, Bangalore; 1998
Novitiate: XTTI, Digha Ghat, P.O., Patna; 1979-81
Juniorate: XTTI, Digha Ghat, P.O., Patna; 1981-82
Philosophy:Satya Nilayam,Madras; 1984-86
RegencyYr 1: Rural Development Programme, KRHS, Bettiah; 1986-87
Regency Yr.2: READ, Bettiah; 1987-1988
Theology: RTC, Danapur &Vidyajyoti, Delhi, 1988-92
Diaconate: Patna, 26-06-1991; Bp. Benedict J. Osta, SJ
Ordination: Rayarome (Tellicherry, Kerala),
31-12-1991; Bp. Mar George Valiamattam
Tertianship: BeschiIllam, Dindigul; 1995
Final Vows: St. Xavier’s, Patna, 19-10-1999
Apostolic Assignments:
Asst. Director: Seva Sadan, Ratanpurwa; 1991-93
Director:Seva Sadan, Ratanpurwa; 1993-95
Practicing Law: Patna High Court; 1999-2001
Practicing Law: Civil Court, Bettiah; 2001-03
Rector: KR High School, Bettiah &
Practicing Law: Civil Court, Bettiah; 2004-06
Provincial: Patna Province; 2006-12
Superior & Director of Legal Aid: ISI, Delhi; 2013-20
Rector: XTTI, Patna; 2020-

Fr. Joy Karayampuram, SJ was an affectionate, dedicated, trustworthy and unassuming person. He had a special love for and commitment to the poor and deprived sections of people. His first assignment as a young priest was to Ratanpurwa in West Champaran District, where he inherited and carried forward the work of a veteran social activist of the Province, Fr. Thomas Chakkalackal, SJ. This apostolate of four years among the bonded labourers and oppressed, illiterate and landless people – Dalits, Oraons and Tharus - at the border of India with Nepal, shaped the person of Fr. Joy: his life-style, intellect, relationships and spirituality. He studied and practiced law to be the voice of the voiceless.
He brought this passion for mission and love for the poor into his administrative roles as Rector of KR High School, Bettiah, as Provincial of the (Patna) Province,.as Superior of the Jesuit community at Indian Social Institute, Delhi and to his last appointment as Rector of XTTI.He was only six months into his ministry of leadership in this college community, before his untimely and unexpected death due to the second wave of Corona pandemic took him away from our midst.

Fr. Joy was a confidant of many people – young and old, men and women, priests, religious and laity, bishops and superiors of religious congregations, poor and rich, ordinary illiterate villagers and high-ranking officials,. His ability to integrate passionate commitment for the mission, administrative skills and legal expertise with a warmth in relationships and above all faith and prayer, was unique. He was a good friend, affectionate companion, a father or brother to those who needed such tender support, a creative person who could mobilize legal, medical, psychological and travel resources. He lived his name ‘Joy’: he was a source of joy to everyone who came into his life, and he spread joy in every community or group of which he was a member.

He never looked for recognition or appreciation for his work. He was rooted in the person of Jesus, from whom he received his ‘reward’ in the innermost recesses of his being. He was indeed a true Jesuit – a man of God, a man for others.

Fr. Joy, you left us so suddenly. Be our advocate in heaven.

[All the members of Patna Province are to offer one Mass intention for Fr. Joy Karayampuram.
Members of XTTIcommunity will offer one additional Mass intention.]

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