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Khagaul, Medical Colony, Road No. - 05
P.O. - Khagaul
Patna – 801105, Bihar, India
Mobile: - 8544637363
Email: : 1989manthan@gmail.com

About Organization:

Manthan was born out of the call for the “Preferential Option for the Poor” by the Society of Jesus in its General Congregation: 32 held in 1975. Fr. Philip, an educationist and thinker responded to this call and initiated the work of Manthan in the late 70s. It all began during a village meeting in Jamsaut when he said, “You have a right to safe drinking water” which led to a path that had not been tread before, and there was no looking back.

Since its inception, Dalits and Manjhis have been Manthan’s primary focus and educational intervention has been Manthan’s forte. Bihar Education Project (BEP), NFE, Balwadi programmes, Adult Literacy Education of men and women, Kishori literacy programmes, AIE, etc. are some instances. A customized syllabus was developed under the NFE to teach effectively.

Manthan has evolved over the years. It began with NFE in the villages and has evolved into a participatory educational model. Students are enrolled in the Government schools and accompanied through Supplementary Education Centres (SECs) and Cluster Resource Centres (CRCs). These initiatives lead to the 2 years Long Term Residential Programme to help students’ complete secondary education. These shifts took place in response to the people’s demand for quality education for their children.

Through Manthan’s intervention more than 610 students have passed class ten exams in the last few years. 75% of these students are continuing their education. They have taken up courses such as nursing, MSW, and other courses. Few have completed their post-graduation and are gainfully employed. These achievements are encouraging for Manthan as well as the educationally backward Manjhi community.


The creation of a human society where the relationship among people will be characterized by human values especially love, justice equality, peace and harmony.


Work towards economic equality and opportunity; social equality and opportunity especially with regard to caste and gender; political equality and opportunity; cultural and religious freedom of expression and growth; educational opportunities; social harmony; harmony with nature and environmental concerns.




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Suman Kumari

I am Suman Kumari, from Jamsaut. I have lost my parents when I was very small. But in Manthan I never felt the absence of them. I joined Manthan when I was in class V. I completed class 8th through the CRC which is run by Manthan. Now I have been living in Manthan for two years. Within these two years I have learnt a lot such as, to follow the time table, to study systematically, take responsibilities, leadership qualities, to take part in different personality development activities, competitions, positive thoughts etc. I consider being in Manthan as a blessing. I want to be a teacher in future to share the light of knowledge to many more.

I am Vinay Kumar. I come from village- Ganjpar Phulwari Sharif Block. I am from a very poor family. I am in class 10th. I have been living in Manthan for last two years. I feel good to be here. I experienced that in Manthan Fathers and Sisters keep us as their own children. They love, care and provide my basic needs. I learnt here to talk with each other like own brothers and sisters. I am thankful to Manthan family for helping me to realize all these. I dream to be a teacher in the future.

Vinay Kumar

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